Religion is something in Myanmar that has been the birth of culture, a sense of community, and a strong value system but also a cause for political and cultural disruption. This is something that the entire country has seen and has dealt with regionally in different ways. Although this may bring some negative light onto our country what we see in Dawei is a beacon of light. In Dawei we have five… Read More

One of our favourite things to do at Sam the Man Travels and Tours, is to show you the people who make Dawei what it is, we believe that any change comes from the roots. We will take you on a beautiful tour of mountainous regions, filled with beautiful lakes, hot springs, some of the best food Myanmar has to offer and to show you the very culture of Dawei. One of… Read More

Myanmar well known for being the Land of Gold, also it holds some of the most beautiful historic colonial architecture South East Asia has to offer, but beautiful architecture doesn’t only come from colonial history. Myanmar is a land of rich culture and religious diversity, religions influence cross cultural blending making for detailed, colourful, and astoundingly grand places of worship. However, some of the most enthralling parts of this country comes from the… Read More

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