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Chewing betel nut has spread all over South East Asian countriesand in Myanmar, locals have been chewing it since the days of the Kings. Back then, in high societies guests were offered kun-ya as a treat, with the betel nut packages being decoratively arranged in laquer ware boxes called “kun-it

Today, arcea nuts are grown year round on arcea palm trees, mostly in southern Myanmar. Dawei is said to grow the best arcea nuts in Myanmar, and they are transported nationwide.

Sam´s your Man in Dawei

Written by Eddie from London

I first met Sam in 2016 when I booked him for a day tour on Motorbikes. This time in Feb 2020 I was travelling with my partner and 81yr old mother. We booked Sam for 3 full days transferring from Myiek to Dawei, a full day around Dawei and beaches and then for Dawei to Kanchaburi. What a terrific adventure we all had! Sam’s car is spacious and comfortable with water and fruit provided. Plenty of stops for tea, food and pictures whenever we wished. Sam is a great guy, polite, friendly and considerate always. It seems that virtually everyone in Dawei knows Sam 🙂 On our final day Sam arranged a 4×4 vehicle for the trip through the jungle to the Thai border. This was 150kms of which 100kms was dirt road. Amazing to get into such beautiful country with rivers and mountains. We were sad to bid farewell to Sam once at the Thai border. Without a doubt if you want to relax and enjoy a visit to Dawei then you must book with Sam.

Photo with girls from restaurant in Palaught
Before we leave to Border
Selfie with green

Enjoy Sunset view
Stunning view on the way
Safety trip with 4×4
A wonderful Lunch there
Colourful mountain view

2 Feb 2020 sarirella, Berlin, Germany

The day tour with Sam was definitely a highlight of our trip to Myanmar and an unforgettable experience. The evening before our tour, he had paid us a visit to our hotel in Dawei to discuss our wishes for the tour. Since he speaks English very well, the previous evening made friends for the next day. Sam offers a variety of interesting activities on his website. I do not want to go into all the details of our tour at all, as it can be completely customized and Sam is always on hand with good advice. From visits to local production sites and markets to relaxed places, everything is included. He managed to give us an authentic insight into the life of Dawei during the tour. He likes to act as an interpreter and has brought us into contact with the locals. Expect $ 100 + for two for this unique experience.

“Burmese Culture Tour”

Written by Martin Jean on Tripadvisor.

I had a wonderful day with Sam.I had the luck to get first hand knowledge about the day to day life of Burmese people. Sam likes to said he is a bridge between the customer and the burmese people you will meet during the day if you choose to go for the “burmese culture tour”. I can totally confirm his statement. I had several interactions with very nice and friendly people throughout my day, one of the best I got in Myanmar so far. He acts as a facilitator and translator, allowing you to talk with authentic people from Myanmar. If you show him your curiosity about his culture, he will happily share without any reservation. I canno’t recommend him enough.

Flying on the haystack
Waterhole where he swimming
Playing together
Garden where we visited
Go back to childhood memory

Dawei Art Space

About the Dawei Art Space

The Dawei Art Space is a public art gallery.
exhibition space, and community center,
which aims to support the growth of artistic
and creative movements in Dawei. We host
workshops, classes and public debates.
whilst also reviving and strengthening pride
in Dawei’s rich cultural heritage through art
and photography exhibitions. The space
seeks to be a space for free thought and the
creation of alternative visions for the past,
future and present of Dawei and its people.
The space is a gallery and social enterprise;
we rely on public donations and on sales of
local artworks and handicrafts to cover the
basic costs of the space and run community
-based projects. We are also always looking
to develop collaborative projects with artists,
photographers, and other creative people.
We aim to continue to build a wider artistic
social movement!

Dawei Art Space
Arzarni Rd, Dawei
09 796 634323

Come and visit us today!!
Local Art Exhibition
Natural products
Free and relax
Local Textiles and handmade products
Daweiian Artwork
Front Face of Dawei Art Space

My 3 children (20, 17, 13) and I spent two days with Sam exploring Dawei and the surrounding area.

He took us to locations we would never have found on our own – local artesan workshops,

remote water holes

for swimming, monasteries where we were given the opportunity to speak with the monks and nuns and learn about their daily lives, their beliefs and how their influence Shapes Myanmar culture,

and he took us to a small Village 1hr and 20 min. outside of Dawei where we were able to learn from the local villagers what they are doing to sustain their lifestyles.

For me I could never had imagined having such an opportunity to truly learn about the culture, history, and hopes of the Myanmar people. Sam thought of everything. After two days with this wonderful man I feel I have made a new friend.

Ref. Tripadvisor review on SAM THE MAN by Kristin from USA.

There are some lonely planets still in the world so far. If you have chance by blessing of God, you may be there once in your life time. Nowadays our outside world are booming endlessly. The globe of us is becoming as a village after the world is flat; globalization. People are in the current of rat racing. Is there a place in where we would see what we lost in our metropolitan life; a wonderful place.

A isolated place as well as a quiet community on earth.

A suitable sport to Inbalance of what our souls of disbalance.

But their HDI is not so poor.

I found a place in Dawei region. Love to visit there??

Let’s me a chance.

I am willing to share of my experience with you.

Welcome to Dawei.

Dawei, Nest of Dawerian people, is the capital of Thanitaryi region in the south of the Myanmar. It was alternative governance by Burmese, Mon, Siam due to whom powerful in the past. It is also known as Tavoy in colonial time. Dawei was one of the first cities settled by the British after the first Anglo-Burmese wars in 1824, as result the towns have long history and interesting architecture building of colonial era.

It is affecting by the political period of Myanmar. Exploring downtown of colonial building ( Morrow Missionary School, Vintage Houses, ABM school ,Church) area standing elegantly and beautiful vintage houses which were built around 1950s. Then we will stroll through the main busy market of Dawei where selling variety of products.

And we will have opportunity to visit local family run business of clay pottery, how to produce local hand-made pottery.

And then visit one of the family owned cashew nut business how workers will process to peel one nut.

(The local run business may closed without prior notice). If cashew factory is closed, the guests will be taken to Wood Carving to see the supply chain of the innovation of our vitage houses.

In the late afternoon drive to Maung Magan beach and enjoy your sunset in Andman sea. And then drive back to Dawei.

Visit a picturesque village, nestled in verdant forest and crystal clear rivers Explore a nature trail into orchard life, livelihoods and secret swimming spots Enjoy a forest picnic, and revitalize at the simply unique, barefoot forest spa The orchard families of Ka Lone Htar offer full day and half-day tour programs; illuminating the lives of fruit farmers living in Dawei’s lush inland forests. The tour gives visitors a chance to hike into the orchards with local community guides, learn about forest remedies, enjoy swimming in the heart of nature, and relax in Asia’s first community based tourism, simple barefoot forest spa. All visitors must book a tour via Ka Lone Htar Community Based Tourism Club, and use the services of a local community guide. Prices at end of document.

09.00: Welcome by Ka Lone Htar CBT Club. Visit the ‘forest pharmacy’. On arrival in Ka Lone Htar, we are met by a local community tour guide, who will give us a quick briefing. Then, we head to the ‘forest pharmacy’, a local initiative to collect and plant a huge variety of traditional herbal medicines. From there, we hike past the village monastery. We stop outside to learn about the community work initiated by the revered local community Monk.

10.00 Hike down the nature trail, through orchards, into the forest We head out of the village, and into the local fruit orchards where villagers grow a great variety of fruits and crops including cardamom, betel nut, pineapple, cashew nuts, sweet potatoes and banana. The forest is also a living repository of traditional herbal medicines. Our guide will stop along route, explaining about these medicines and how they are harvested and used. Hiking is not very strenuous, but guests should bring suitable shoes.


12.30: Forest picnic, river swimming in jade green water We arrive at the Ka Lone Htar picnic spot, to enjoy either a delicious, home cooked picnic lunch with several dishes / or a simple one-dish pack lunch. There is time to relax, and it is usually possible to swim in the cool, green river. If there have been heavy rains, the local guide may recommend not to swim. After lunch, there is a 1 hour hike back to Ka Lone Htar village, or guests can continue on for a further 30 minutes to the Barefoot Forest Spa experience.

16.30: Ka Lone Htar Barefoot Forest Spa experience This unique community based experience invites you to bath or soak your feet in in mineral water at the local hot springs, or rest by the serene river side. The Ka Lone Htar spa group will serve a healthy snack and herbal drink. You can also try applying Myanmar’s most famous natural cosmetic, Thanakha. After lunch, there is a 1 hour hike back to Ka Lone Htar village, or guests can continue on for a further 30 minutes to the Barefoot Forest Spa experience. 16.30: Ka Lone Htar Barefoot Forest Spa experience.This unique community based experience invites you to bath or soak your feet in in mineral water at the local hot springs, or rest by the serene river side. The Ka Lone Htar spa group will serve a healthy snack and herbal drink. You can also try applying Myanmar’s most famous natural cosmetic, Thanakha.

Learn how local fishers use fascinating fishing gear, from low to high tide! Try your hand casting a fishing net or searching for shellfish with a local guide Swim and relax on Tizit’s white sand beach, with a sunset seafood picnic! Tizit’s half-day tour program offers you fascinating, fun insights into the lives of the fisher families who live along the stunning Dawei peninsular. The tour gives visitors a chance to deep dive into local fishing livelihoods, combined with a warm home welcome, hands-on fishing experience and delicious local food. All visitors must book a tour via Tizit Community Based Tourism Club, and use the services of a ‘local community guide.’ Prices at the end of document.NOTE: The tour is as a half-day program, starting at14.00, and ending at approximately18.00-18.30. This timing has been purposefully designed to enable visitors to enjoy home visits and hands-on fishing activities during the cooler midafternoon, with free time to enjoy swimming and a lovely sun-set picnic. We do not recommend starting this tour in the morning, because the sun can be uncomfortably hot to enjoy activities and beach picnic at midday.14.00: Fishers’ Life Greeting Gallery and taste a traditional snack. On arrival, visitors receive a warm welcome to the village by a local community guide, who is a member of Tizit’s Community Based Tourism (CBT) club. Your local guide will demonstrate how to use a fascinating variety of small scale fishing gear. Various nets, rods and traps are carefully selected by the fishers, based on tides, time of day, and the types of fish which they hope to catch. During the Fishers’ Gallery experience, guests enjoy a selection of tasty, traditional Dawei snacks, prepared by the Tizit CBT Cooking Group.14.45: Visit a traditional Dawei Home and try on local Dawei dress Next, we are welcomed to visit a typical Dawei home. The homeowner will welcome us with Betel nut, which is a Daweian tradition, before introducing some interesting aspects of Daweian house design and local beliefs. At the end of the house visit, we have the chance to try on traditional, Daweian dress.15.30: Simple, hands-on fishers’ life experience! Next, our local guide leads us through the village for approximately 30-60 minutes, to the sand-flats and beach. Exact activities depend on the tide. We can either learn how to hunt for shellfish and crabs, or learn how to cast a fishing net into the sea. Joining daily activities with the villagers is good fun, but be aware that this is not sports fishing – our catch is usually quite small! 17.00: Free time to relax and swim by the beach Before enjoying our sunset picnic, there is plenty of time to enjoy a cool swim in the beautiful blue sea, or just relax on Tizit’s stunning white sand beach. 18.00: White sand, sunset beach picnic by Tizit cooking group. A highlight of Tizit’s program is a sumptuous beach picnic, cooked by Tizit’s community based tourism cooking group. There are 2 options. Either Special Seafood Picnic, which is mainly seafood; or Grandma’s Recipes Picnic; which only has one seafood dish for people who prefer meat or vegetarian menus.