Learning through experiencing

Chewing betel nut has spread all over South East Asian countriesand in Myanmar, locals have been chewing it since the days of the Kings. Back then, in high societies guests were offered kun-ya as a treat, with the betel nut packages being decoratively arranged in laquer ware boxes called “kun-it

Today, arcea nuts are grown year round on arcea palm trees, mostly in southern Myanmar. Dawei is said to grow the best arcea nuts in Myanmar, and they are transported nationwide.


Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda is a historic edifice situated in Tavoy, Tanintharyi Region. Accord
ing to the legend The koel sings and Dawei comes into existence”, Dawei. Administrator UNé
Hla establish the city on Saturday the 13th Waxing of Tabaung in Kawza Sakarit 1116, naming
it Thayawaddy. Only after Saturday. 2nd Waning of Tawthalin in 118 to did it come to be known
as Dawei.

King Naruto, enshrining Buddha’s relics brought by Arahantas built a small pagoda on
the bank of Dawei on Friday, the 10th Waxing of Hnaung Tagu, in Sakarit 67. In Sakarit 128,
King Naruti’s grandson King Sanda Thuriya renovated the dilapidated small pagoda. Itwas again
renovated by King Narainda in Sakarit 878.

Min Shin Zaw rebuilt the town Dawei in Sakarit 1122, had the pagoda rebuilt to a height
of 100 cubits. Min Shin Zaw was originally a Shwetaung Villager who later became Shwetaung
Administrator and so offered the pagoda the name Shwe Taung Pagoda. There were several other
names given to it in conjunction with its being associated with Shwe Taung etc, but there were
those who believed that instead of building a pagoda in Shwetaung, King Min Shin Zaw renovated
the old dilapidated pagoda which eventually came to be known as Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda.

Palm wine(Toddy) production in Dawei region by small holders and individual farmers may promote conservation as palm trees become a source of regular household income that may economically be worth more than the value of timber sold.


Have you ever wondered why cashew nuts are so expensive? Is a lot of work before they are in the box and it is ready to eat.

– Drying in the sun about 3-4 days

– Cook about 30 minutes in boil water

-Remove the kernel from nuts

– Drying in the oven about 48 hours with cool fire

– Peer the skin cover from kernel

– Sort by size

##If you want to learn more about it’s process, do invite you to visit to Dawei.


We visited Dawei with Sam as our guide just a few days ago. He was super professional, considerate, attentive and caring to our group of 12 high schoolers.

He showed us around pagodas, beautiful beaches and Dawei city center. The restaurants he recommended offered tasty local food. Sam was also a local historian, introducing detailed history and culture to our students who had learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. Highly recommend Sam if you travel to Dawei!


I had an absolutely amazing time with Sam doing a full day tour in dawei. The day before the tour, Sam came to meet me to discuss what I would be interested in doing. I mentioned that I enjoy learning about and experiencing local culture so he planned the day based around that. The day was more than I had imagined it could be!
We went on a local boat up the river. The scenery was really beautiful and we saw many local people going about their daily activities. It was really interesting to see this as it included people drying their crops. fishing, and transporting bamboo down a river. Everything was done the local way and it was such an authentic experience.
We also stopped at a small village up the river and the people were so friendly and accommodating! It was really special as they had not had tourists visit before. They gave us a tour of their village and we were able to speak to them as Sam translated between us.
Sam was also very interesting to talk to and I learned a lot of things about Dawei and Myanmar. I would highly recommend this tour as you will be able to see things with Sam that are not possible on other trips. It was really a highlight of my trip!!!

These people live Mungmagan beach, they are true locals to the area. Each batch of fish that is caught is done by using traditional fishing boats.
This is boat is called, Boke Ma and is hand crafted and painted with either flags or lights for identification. Previously these boats were controlled and steered by hand, but now, most often they run on machines. They are catching on the side of the seashore, small fish, crab, prawn, and squid, season depending. The boaters leave in the early evening around 4pm, and arrive back home around 1am in the morning, arriving before the market is open to sells the goods caught.
If you want to know more about the day to day culture, the things that most other companies dont talk about, please come see me. My tours are a mixture of education and experiential learning tools, to give you both what you want and to dive deeper into why Dawei is as captivating as it is now,

I can only recommend booking Sam while in Dawei. I booked him as a photographer and he was of greatest help. Sam is not only a skilled and very very nice tourguide, his own passion for photography makes him a great guide when looking for unique photo sites and spots.

It was a one of a kind experience for me and a rare occasion when I got to be not only behind the lens but also in front of it too 🙂


Sam, the one who digest about Dawei. We had a great time in Dawei with him getting many new experiences. We have been to the places which gave education, relax, fun,knowledge, home business and more .It was amazing for all of us and our young groups of kids. Diamond Crown Hotel, was really smooth in service, food, and transportation.Immigration and airport officers also helped our groups to be safe. Cashew nut business, broom business were interested.Because of his knowledge about Dawei, we became to know alot. Thanks million.